New features!

Hi all and welcome to Virtually There's first blog post!

In this post we will look at some new features we are providing as part of our Virtual Tour service and what it can do for your property or business. 

The first new feature we have is 10-15 second 'teaser video' overview of the property. This feature is available in two formats, the first being a standard 480p video which is great to post to Facebook and other social media platforms that may not be able to host the tour, such as Instagram. A great way to raise awareness of your new tour (which you hopefully have embedded on your website!), driving more traffic to your site and increasing engagement. 

The next format and potentially the most impressive is the video converted to a gif. This reduced file size is easily able to fit into an email, another excellent marketing tool for you to raise awareness of your new tour and drive traffic to your site. Let your whole mailing list know you have an exciting Virtual tour and entice them to visit, either online or in person! 

smiths salon gif

Be sure to check back for more new features soon!