Welcome to another Virtually There blog post! Today we will be looking at Virtual Tours for agency. 

To start this off, a quick question, are you winning 100% of your listings? If not, is there anything you could do to make yourself stand out from the competition? 

While you are considering this take a look at the graphic below, taken from a property academy survey of over 14,000 buyers and landlords in 2016. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 17.10.01.png

This study determined that almost two thirds of potential buyers would view a property online before visiting in person.

Google’s VR team also stated that the company has seen global search interest in virtual reality increase by 400% in the 12 months prior to June 2016.

This will only increase in 2017 and beyond.

After those couple of facts and figures, picture this. You have a client walk in/call up/look on your website, looking to buy a decent sized family home, has a budget of £750,000, with their main criteria being that they want large spacious bedrooms for themselves and their children.

Ordinarily there would be photos and a floor plan as the only indication of the size of these rooms without physically being at the property. There are obvious problems with both of these mediums, firstly photos, as these are a 2D flat image the client cannot judge the size/depth accurately and a floor plan for the average buyer can mean very little to nothing with no direct comparison. 

Which means that if you have 4 properties on your books which are in their budget and 'may' meet their criteria (large bedrooms), you will probably be taking them to every property in person for them to judge for themselves. 

Now imagine the same scenario but you have Virtually There Virtual Tours for all 4 properties, your life is about to get much easier! The client (without even leaving where they are sitting), can 'walk through' the properties, anywhere, anytime. With our photorealistic 3D models, buyers can effectively judge size, depth and layout of the property, cutting down the time taken to show people properties that aren't right for them and letting you or your agents concentrate on selling more property.  

This is also great news for the seller; who wants to have to tidy the house or make themselves available for 10 pointless viewings? Sell this to them as part of your package, "we are offering virtual tours to attract serious buyers, in turn we can cause you much less disturbance than x,y or z agency down the road". Why not be the first in your market to offer an experience like no other by providing a 24/7 open house that is always show ready?

All this while gaining a reputation as a tech-forward agency by offering immersive virtual environments that agents, sellers, and buyers will demand. People will notice and remember you when it comes time to sell!

Our surprisingly affordable tours have a great return, even securing one new listing could cover the cost of your investment. This is without even taking into consideration the money/time saved by agents having less wasted trips.

So to wrap up, if you want to put yourself at the forefront of new technologies, please buyers and sellers alike and win more listings by offering something your competition doesn't, please contact us today.

Until next time!